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Connect GetOrder to save 90% of time for online order processing

Full integration of Poster with food delivery platforms Glovo, Wolt, etc. and delivery services. Automate menu exchange and transfer of online orders with Poster.


Sobre la integración GetOrder con Poster POS

GetOrder is a service for two-way integration of Poster with food delivery aggregators: you can update menus and prices on aggregator sites from the Poster admin panel; and your employees will receive orders from aggregators immediately on the Poster sales terminal.

Poster integration with Glovo is already available. And in the near future it will be possible to connect Bolt Food and Wolt.

Benefits of working with GetOrder:

• Automatic receipt of an order from the aggregator on the Poster sales terminal;

• Updating the menu from Poster to Glovo with one button;

• Temporarily hiding the seasonal menu or temporarily unavailable for ordering food and drinks.

Features of the GetOrder platform:

• Automatic menu filling in the aggregator based on data from the Poster admin panel: categories, products, tech. maps, modifiers, prices, images and description.

• Formation of a directory for Glovo in the GetOrder admin panel. For example, choosing categories and products that will be available on the Glovo platform from the Poster menu.

• Changing the descriptions of dishes and setting different prices for delivery aggregators compared to the service in the establishment.

• Assortment and price management for several of your establishments and customizable templates.

• Menu preview mode on a special page, which is stylized as Glovo. This will help make sure that the assortment that you offer in the aggregator is up to date.

• Ability to automatically add related products to the order. For example, packaging and appliances.

★  If a Glovo manager has already manually created a menu for your establishment, it will be completely replaced with a new one.

Price: $20 per month for 1 restaurant and 1 integration. The first 14 days are free.

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