AI-powered analytics for retailers & restaurants

Grow profitably with AI-powered analytics for your business

Piik aggregates data from multiple sources to uncover patterns and provide interactive analyses and trends, reliably predict sales, and recommend specific actions to grow sales and optimize costs


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Piik provides interactive sales analyses, trends, and reliable forecasts, uncovers patterns in your sales data, and uses AI-engine to recommend categories for sales promotions. Work on your business, not in your business. Restaurants and retailers use Piik to make smarter decisions and grow profits.

Demand Forecasting

Reliably predict demand and outcomes based on underlying data patterns and key events

Sales Promotions

Piik.io algorithms continuously analyze and uncover patterns in sales, transactions, and product combinations to recommend

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze sales, labor, inventory, and other business data in one place to quickly understand underlying reasons for performance.

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