Food Truck POS System

Slick POS app & robust web-based admin software. Prices start from $29 per month.

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Poster makes running a food truck simple

Procesa pedidos más rápido

Choose a POS app with a slick interface created for counter service outlets. It will help you enter orders with lightning speed and keep up with the fast pace of your busiest days.

Move towards cashless payments

Many people don’t carry cash with them but love street food. You shouldn’t lose out on that business. A POS with a small flat monthly fee and a payment processor will help you rake in cashless transactions.

Process orders even if you’re offline

Use a POS that doesn’t need much bandwidth, loads fast even when you’re on your smartphone’s hotspot, and continues working in offline mode when the Internet connection drops.

Optimize workflow without bulky hardware

Organize your team’s work using integrated tablet POS and KDS systems. This will save your cashier from having to shout out orders and help your cook get through all their orders without a hitch.

A food truck POS that runs on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

We created an Android and iPad POS food truck owners can use on any tablet or install on any Windows or macOS computer. It means you can start using our food truck management system without having to spend much money on new hardware.

devices Poster

You can mix and match whatever devices you need for your business by connecting Poster POS to stand-alone payment terminals, such as Ingenico or Verifone, cash drawers, receipt printers, or a KDS tablet for the Kitchen Kit app.

A POS system for food truck owners focused on productivity

Navigate your menu with ease

foodtruck menu

Set up a convenient menu on your register by categorizing dishes and adding pictures. Customize your menu for any event or season by hiding items you don’t need in the management console. Use dish modifiers to cope fast with different serving sizes, cooking options, or extras for particular dishes or drinks.

Let a KDS tablet assist your chef


Get rid of the handwritten tickets in your kitchen. Your cook will be able to see incoming orders queued on the screen of a KDS tablet, with clearly visible dishes, quantities, and cashier’s notes. Your chefs can mark the start and the end of cooking for every order and never miss a customized ‘no cheese’ or ‘extra sauce’ item.

Servicio de repartos a domicilio


Poster tiene un servicio de repartos integrado que te permite gestionar los pedidos que recibes de servicios de terceros así como de tu página web. Dale seguimiento a tus repartidores y al estatus de tus pedidos, y optimiza los costos de tu servicio de repartos desde tu cuenta Poster.

Handle orders with fewer mistakes

setup Poster

Connect a printer to your POS to let your cashier give each customer a printed check with the same number that appears on your kitchen ticket for their order. Matching the numbers will help you keep customers from walking off with other people’s food at high-volume venues.

Prueba Poster gratis
Únete a 50 000 negocios que ya probaron Poster, crea tu cuenta ahora mismo. Los primeros 15 días son gratis.

With Poster POS your food truck won’t be driven out of business

Pen and paper are not the right tools for managing a food truck business anymore. Equip your food truck with POS software to help control your costs and sales, and you’ll start to see improvements in your bottom line numbers.


A food truck point of sale with a robust management console

Know how to boost your profit

Analyse sales reports by employee, by product, and by time period to make informed decisions on staffing, menu engineering, and choosing lucrative locations and profitable events.

Get comfortable with inventory checks

Use a POS with robust inventory management features to optimize product usage and maintain optimal inventory levels. Be confident that your numbers are accurate without spending a ton of time on going over the items in stock.

Check if special offers drive revenue

Now you can run promotions using the features available in your POS. Attribute each special offer to sales and learn if your marketing strategies bring profit or eat away at your margins.

Keep your costs under control

Track your operating costs in your POS and compare them with potential sales to check if another event is worth the investment and to know what percentage of sales you should negotiate with the event planners.

A POS system that helps you collect and understand your data

With Poster POS for food trucks, your business data is stored safely in the cloud. You can access your account and management console from any device and browser with your login and password.

Take regular inventory and control key items

Pos система

Now you can quickly run a full inventory check or check particular items to catch discrepancies between your expected balance and actual balance in time. With Poster POS, you’ll control your product usage and eliminate problems that increase your food cost, such as product waste, employee fraud, or inaccurate portioning.

Use a mobile app to never lose sight of your numbers

iphone PosterBoss

Stay on top of your current sales, inventory level, account balance, and the money in your cash drawer even when you’re away from your truck. With the Poster Boss app, you can receive important notifications and see your business data in convenient charts on your iPhone or Android smartphone. More about Poster Boss.

Boost your menu profitability


Have all the necessary numbers at hand to know the profit margin of each item on your menu. With Poster POS menu management tool you can create a perfect menu mix and maximize the profit of your top-selling items.

Monitor your purchases and COGS

inventory counts

Track all purchases whether you get products delivered by vendors or purchase from a store. Use your register or your admin panel to quickly enter all purchased products in your POS system. See previous purchase prices, and know how much of your budget goes toward buying ingredients, single-serve packaging, and other products.

An all-in-one food truck POS software that covers it all

  • Registro de pedidos y pagos
  • Administración de menú
  • Control de inventarios
  • Programas de lealtad
  • Cálculo automático del costo de tus productos
  • Contabilidad e impuestos básicos
  • Reportes de ganancias
  • Métricas de rendimiento en el negocio
  • Cálculo de salarios
  • Integración con aplicaciones útiles

Run a fleet of food trucks or franchise your business

If you are ready to grow your business, use Poster’s extended features for managing multiple units or Poster POS for franchises. Whether you own several food trucks or sell a franchise, Poster POS offers you perfect tools for overseeing menu and business performance across the board.

franchise macbook

Planes de pago que se adaptan al tamaño de tu negocio

We offer a POS solution for food trucks that delivers value for money. With Poster, you can get software that meets your business needs for a good price. More about prices.

planes desde


  • Administración de productos
  • Gráficas y reportes
  • Control de inventarios
  • Programas de lealtad para clientes

Nuestros clientes comparten su opinión sobre Poster POSS

‘I was really glad to find a POS system that allows me to access data from whatever computer I have available. With Poster POS, I can track sales and expenses with very little effort. The app is easy to learn and use, and the support crew is always super friendly and responsive.’

Xavier Miranda

Xavier Miranda

Owner at Selva Blanca

Vegan restaurant, Mexico

‘Poster is good software for restaurants. The program is easy-to-use, no complications. It’s very organized and helps us keep the figures in place. We set it up in 2017 and we’ve been happy with it so far.’

Dominic Robinson

Dominic Robinson

Chef-Owner at The Blackbird

A Michelin-starred British pub, UK

Preguntas más frecuentes

1. ¿Cuánto cuesta el sistema de gestión de food trucks de Poster?

El coste dependerá del número de artículos del menú y de las características que necesite para funcionar. Poster tiene una selección de planes de precios en los que seguro que encuentras algo adecuado para tu food truck.

2. ¿Necesito un software de gestión para mi food truck?

Sí, por supuesto. Como mínimo, para esa contabilidad financiera y de almacén. En un food truck, es importante hacer un seguimiento de los saldos de productos semielaborados. Con un software de automatización puedes saber qué tipo de beneficios obtienes, qué artículos son más comercializables y cuáles es mejor sustituir.

Soporte al cliente

You can count on our 24/7 technical support by phone and chat. Our team is ready to assist with the setup and configuration of your point of sale, advise you on the best practices for food truck operations management, and show you how to get the most out of every feature in the system.

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