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Our mission is simple: we strive to make it easier for entrepreneurs around the world to do business, and help them take their restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to the next level.

We make business simple

Last night you went to your favorite restaurant and ordered hummus with baked zucchini and pita bread. The next morning you pick up a flat white from your favorite coffee shop and drink it on your way to work. Or you bought a brand new pair of Nikes yesterday and you’re already breaking them in early in the morning.

To buy hummus, coffee, or sneakers, you choose a dish or product, pay for it, and pick it up. And before they were sold to you, the business had to go through the following steps:

taco cup sneakers

The head chef had to create a menu and write out recipes for the other members of staff.

The manager prepared a schedule and shared it with the staff.

One of the chefs found out whether the restaurant was low on stock and placed new orders.

A waiter or salesperson took an order at the cash register.

A cook received the order and started preparing it.

You can go through all of these steps faster and more smoothly with the help of Poster’s restaurant management system. We’ll help bring order to your business and keep an eye on your sales, profit, inventory and staff. This kind of software used to be clunky and hard to use. That’s why we decided to change things up.

We’re good at what we do

Since 2013, we have been helping businesses all over the world automate their day-to-day tasks. And we plan to help even more businesses: our goal is to become the #1 restaurant management software in the world.

Poster keeps growing



Employees in four offices


Active businesses

800 000

Orders are processed by our software every day



What keeps us moving forward

We love making products that can make your job more satisfying. And we’re doubly proud whenever we see our products helping business owners become more productive.

These are are our values:

surfing egg heart

surfing People

Our team is packed with people that help develop the company, and who are continuously developing themselves. We can’t get enough of each other :)

egg Simplicity

Poster is the link between the complex world of business and the people who run it. We minimize the boring work, so you can focus on the real challenges.

egg Empathy

We’re creating software that works for everyone. That’s why we never stop listening to our clients.

lightning Going above and beyond

We want to change the industry. That’s why we look for skilled people who always want to go the extra mile.

diamond Innovation

We never stop looking for new ideas. We believe that great companies never stop growing, and always rise to the challenges of the industry.

lightning diamond

Our team

Родион Ерошек

Rodion Yeroshek
Co-founder and CEO

Денис Убоженко

Denis Ubozhenko

Александр Бучков

Alexander Buchkov
Head of Support

Роман Славка

Roman Slavka

Семен Велентий

Semyon Velentii
Head of Sales

Дарья Ермолаева

Daria Yermolaeva
Head of Sales Department

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