Attract new customers and increase profits

Encourage your customers to come back to your place over and over again.

Customer base

Add new customers straight from the Point of Sale or import your own customer base. Import the customer list into your favorite SMS or email marketing service.

Discount-based program

Poster has a loyalty program builder enabling you to continually offer different types of discounts and bonuses to your customers.

SMS instead of cards

Plastic cards are so last year! Authorize a customer or deduct bonuses using their phone number. Customers will receive confirmation by SMS.

Add customers from the Point of Sale

Add new customers to the database directly from the Point of Sale during order taking. Give your guests a one-time discount, give them a card or offer the chance to become a loyalty program member.

Integrate applications

In the Poster application marketplace, there are several loyalty systems, a chatbot, SMS and email marketing services. Connect applications to your restaurant or bar and increase sales.

Set point- or discount-based program

Invite your customers to become a loyalty program member to get a discount or bonus tied to their total spending. You can configure different discounts for different customer groups and automatically increase the discount or bonus amount during accumulation.

Create promotions

We’ve created a flexible promotion builder that helps you create special deals and promotions. For example, “Happy Hours, » ‘2+1’ or ‘Sixth coffee is free.’

View reports by customers

Be aware of your customers’ favorite food and their average check, view their contacts, receipts, discounts, bonuses and more. You will have full information on every customer.

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