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Poster Is a Cloud Candy Store Point of Sale System

Either you sell sweets and chocolates by weight or by item, the right candy store POS software makes the check out process seamless. It integrates with scales and barcode scanners to simplify inventory management.

What are the benefits of using Point of Sale systems in a candy store?

Контроль продуктов на всех этапах приготовления
  • The system is mobile and cross-platform
  • All the data is stored in the cloud
  • An intuitive interface
  • Receipt customizing option
  • Reliable inventory
  • Takes only 15 minutes to set up
  • 15 days free trial
  • Loyalty programs for your customers
Контроль продуктов на всех этапах приготовления

Use Poster on any device

You can launch the Poster POS application on iPad and Android tablets, any laptop or PC. We do everything possible to help you to run your candy store in the most convenient way.

Ipad and Phone

Everything you need to run a successful candy store

Production is one of the biggest features in managing a candy store. For accurate accounting, you always need to know not only how many ingredients and products are in stock, you must also be aware of the preparation balances. With a production feature, candy store Point of Sale software allows you to do inventory without spending a lot of time on unnecessary calculations.

Simple installation

We are sure you have more important things to do instead of spending days on trying to cope with the POS system. Poster POS takes only 15 minutes to set up and you are ready to sell.

Run inventory checks

Accounting and monitoring of leftovers have never been so easy. Compare the actual quantity of products in stock with the numbers you have in your candy store POS software. You will immediately see the shortage and find out its cause.


This feature allows you to keep track of stock in dishes and preparations, instead of ingredients. Takes full account of every cupcake, chocolate bar or candy produced.

Work stability

You never know when the Internet will let you down. Poster helps your candy store workflow to stay unaffected by a poor connection. Keep on working even when the Internet is down. Poster will ensure that all data is saved to the system.

Provide your customers with the best experience using a sweet shop Point of Sale system

Автоматизация сети фастфудов или франшизы

Each candy store turns its pastries into a work of art, and the main goal of POS software for candy stores is to make the management process much easier for owners so that they can focus more on their products. The range of products is usually wide: candies, cakes, chocolate bars, ice cream, and other sweets that are sold by weight. So this process should be managed properly.

The candy store POS software is connected to electronic scales, which speeds up the sales process. It is all very simple: you specify the price per 100 g in the system and when adding products to the order, a cashier or waiter enters the weight manually or reads the printed weight barcode. In addition, the system allows you to cancel orders, make changes and add customer comments and preferences.

Автоматизация сети фастфудов или франшизы

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Control your business with the best Point of Sale software for chocolate shops

To keep up with how your business is doing, you don’t need to be in the candy store itself. View sales reports and manage everything online from anywhere in the world with a real-time access.

Manage easily

Наочне меню

Change prices, manage your menu and set new discount programs to increase customers loyalty from any device in real time.

Наочне меню

Inventory control

Роздільна оплата

Add supplies and do inventory checks easily and conveniently. Compare actual and book stock balances and be one step ahead.

Роздільна оплата

Every gram counts

Розрахунок біля столика чи каси

Simple inventory accounting allows you to be aware and control current balances, so you never run out of products.

Розрахунок біля столика чи каси

Motivate your customers

The loyalty program contractor helps to create simple promotions such as «1 + 1 = 3», «happy hours», as well as complex terms and conditions for specified discounts on certain products when customers order several different menu items.

Convenient reports

Розрахунок біля столика чи каси

The system shows detailed statistics and sales reports make it possible to monitor employee hours worked, provides payroll calculation, and much more. You will always be up-to-date on every aspect of your business.

Розрахунок біля столика чи каси

Print brand receipts


Poster supports most thermal printers. You can enter your logo, Wi-Fi password, and even amusing predictions into the footer of your receipts.


Do you have a franchise?

Автоматизация сети фастфудов или франшизы

We have a special version for franchises. Include Poster in the franchise agreement with your franchisees and get improved technical support, a personal manager, and access to additional functions. Manage your business in a single click.

Poster for franchises →

Автоматизация сети фастфудов или франшизы


The cost will depend on the size of your candyshop, the number of employees, the products in your catalogue, and the tools you need to run your business. Poster has a wide variety of subscription plans, where you can find something that works for your candyshop.

To automate your candyshop, all you need is a tablet or laptop. Poster works on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The minimum system requirements and a list of additional equipment can be found on this page.

What our clients say

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Easy to set up.
Excellent customer support

Transparent prices

Poster works on a subscription model with simple plans that will help you automate your business. Prices start from $19 per month. No hidden fees.

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Free customer support 24/7

We are always there when you need us: we can help you and help train your staff at any time and in any situation.

Choose your own equipment

A regular tablet or computer is more than enough to get started with Poster. Connect receipt printers, card terminals and other devices. We offer ready-made kits so you can start working without hassle!

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