POS system for dark kitchen

Handle sales, inventory, finances and analytics with Poster

  • Inventory and finance tools
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Available on tablet, phone and browser
  • Pricing starts from $24 monthly

Set up a dark kitchen with Poster

Take orders at lightning speed

Poster’s simple interface helps your staff to take orders in just a few clicks and send them straight to the kitchen! Even if your ghost kitchen is crazy busy.

Accept all payments

Customers can pay with cash, card, smartphone, or the cashback accumulated for previous purchases. Customers can even split the order and pay with both cash and card!

Optimize your delivery service

Accept deliveries from multiple third party services or from your own website, view statistics for your orders and monitor the performance of all your couriers.

Manage inventory

Stay on top of what you have in stock, minimize sitting inventory, and never run out of the best selling items.

Work with a wide range of hardware and devices

The POS register can be a stationary unit on Android tablets, iPads, Windows PCs, or MacOS devices, as well as a mobile unit on smartphones, making it convenient for every employee to take orders, reducing equipment requirements and costs.

You can also connect Poster to receipt printers, cash drawers, ticket printers or KDS, barcode scanners, and much more.

Poster POS

Dark kitchen POS system to reduce manager’s workload

Dark kitchen POS system to reduce manager's workload

No more days when you had to spend half the day wrestling with spreadsheets. Our POS system for dark kitchen enables you to manage your business efficiently and handle daily tasks with no stress.

Dark kitchen POS system to reduce manager's workload

Better inventory and accounting for your dark kitchen

Batch planning

Batch planning

Use the “Manufacture” feature to replenish your inventory with new preparations and monitor their usage. Plan the optimal number of prepared products needed for the next day.

Batch planning

Restock your inventory on time

Restock your inventory on time

If you’re running low on ingredients like coffee or milk, we’ll send you a reminder so you can replenish your supplies on time before it affects your orders. Set limits for each ingredient, so Poster can alert you when it’s time to reorder.

Restock your inventory on time

Analyze finances

Financial oversight

With Poster, you can keep track of all transactions and reports — this will help reduce unnecessary expenses and evaluate how profitable your business is operating.

Financial oversight

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Automate delivery service for your dark kitchen

Create delivery website

Connect your delivery website to Poster to accept online orders directly at your POS register, or leverage our Poster QR to quickly set up an ordering website. All categories of dishes and products from the management console will be automatically displayed on the website.

  • Create a dark kitchen website in moments.
  • Choose the right theme, colors, and style.
  • Enjoy free hosting and a domain at ps.me.
  • Option to connect a custom domain if preferred.
  • Create more custom design with advanced CSS styling
  • Customers can pay online with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, or Mastercard
  • Perfect for dark kitchen, takeaway and delivery restaurants

$19, with a free 15-day trial period

Manage deliveries with Poster Courier

Poster Courier app helps deliver meals to your customers. Couriers are notified of new orders and navigate to destinations in Poster Courier app on their smartphones. While you control their performance in the back office.

Connect third-party services

Don’t miss out on any segment of delivery market. Poster integrates with multiple delivery services, which you can access directly through the app integrations.

Access location analytics at any time.

Management console in browser

Management console in browser

Create a menu, accept deliveries, launch a new promotion, or review the latest sales reports — all in the Poster management console.

System interface is specially designed to optimize your workflow efficiency.

Management console in browser

In-depth reports

Detailed reports

In Poster, you’ll have comprehensive reports on employees, products, categories, and online orders. Using ABC analysis, you can identify which dishes generate the most profit and which should be replaced or revised.

Detailed reports

Complete inventory control

Complete inventory control

Dark kitchen inventory software that allows you to track not only ingredients in stock but also prepared dishes and pre-made items, such as syrups and mixes, as well as cocktails and bottled alcohol.

Complete inventory control

Go mobile with our Poster Boss app

Install the Poster Boss app on your smartphone to gain quick access to real-time sales data and inventory levels.

Receive notifications whenever a cash shift begins or ends at your location containing details about the amount of money in the register.

About Poster Boss →

All-in-one software that covers it all:

All-in-one software that covers it all
  • Records of your payments and orders
  • In-depth sales analytics
  • Finance, P&L, cash flow and accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Automatic food cost calculation
  • Menu management
  • Tax calculations
  • Payroll, working hours and shifts
  • POS app for dark kitchen
  • Customer database
  • Integration with third-party apps
All-in-one software that covers it all

Manage operations in multiple locations or franchise your business

Manage operations in multiple locations or franchise your business

Cloud-based POS software allows you to monitor multiple locations under a single account using a franchise module.

This solution offers advanced features for managing your franchise accounts. For instance, you can make bulk changes to menus and pricing across all establishments simultaneously or track overall reports.

Poster for franchises →

Manage operations in multiple locations or franchise your business

Pricing plans for all types of business

Pricing plans for all types of business

We believe that a POS and inventory management system for dark kitchen should be mobile and affordable. With Poster, you can reduce your initial costs and switch between pricing plans any time to keep pace with your business growth.

 Починається від $19

About pricing →

Pricing plans for all types of business


The price varies based on your dark kitchen size, the number of staff, the drink menu, and the specific features required for your operations. Explore Poster’s pricing plans to select the options that best fit your needs.

A laptop, tablet, or smartphone will suffice. The Poster software is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Find minimal system requirements and recommended hardware here.

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Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Easy to set up.
Excellent customer support

Transparent prices

Poster works on a subscription model with simple plans that will help you automate your business. Prices start from $NaN per month. No hidden fees.

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Free customer support 24/7

We are always there when you need us: we can help you and help train your staff at any time and in any situation.

Choose your own equipment

A regular tablet or computer is more than enough to get started with Poster. Connect . We offer ready-made kits so you can start working without hassle!

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