Cross-platform point of sale app

Take orders from your tablet, laptop, PC or Mac. Poster is the perfect workplace for your employees.

Start selling in a minute

The Poster interface is simple and intuitive. Your waiters will be able to start selling in just one minute after the launch of the point of sale app on your tablet.

Offline mode

If the Internet connection is unstable, you can easily take orders and print checks anyway. All orders will sync with the system as soon as the network is restored.

More than just a Point of Sale

Manage orders and receipts, work with the customer base, make table reservations, add transactions, and much more.

All-in-one app

A fast, stable, and functional app is our number one goal. That is why the Poster point of sale app is so easy to use. Take orders, monitor sales, and manage the entire restaurant or bar without lengthy training.

Full service or quick service mode

Arrange the tables on your restaurant virtual floor plan to help the waiters take orders even faster, or turn off this setting if you provide a counter service.

Several payment methods

Accept payment by cash, card, gift cards, bonuses or split the order amount into several payment methods.

Online orders

Create an online showcase for your venue and accept orders. All online orders will be sent directly to the point of sale.

Receipts archive

If the fiscal receipt wasn’t printed out the first time or guests come back with queries about their order, you can easily find the relevant order in the archive right on the point of sale.

Kitchen Kit

Kitchen Kit
Kitchen Kit

Kitchen Kit is an Android application designed to substitute kitchen ticket printers. The waiter sends orders to the kitchen, sorts by courses and leaves comments.

Kitchen Kit
Kitchen Kit

Branded receipts

Add your logo, address, Wi-Fi spot name and password, a cool prediction, or a joke to every receipt.

Deliver orders faster

Send orders to the kitchen, bar and other stations directly from the point of sale to speed up the process, and control the courses.

Split the bill

Split an order among a group of guests, change the table or the waiter in several taps on your POS.

Prevent theft

Set an admin password for certain actions on the point of sale. For example, for closing an order without payment or viewing sales reports

Reservation management

Reservation management
Reservation management

Add, view, confirm and cancel reservations right at the point of sale.

Reservation management
Reservation management

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