Cash register that works on iPad, Android and even laptop

You can launch the app for cashier or waiter on iPad, Android tablets, any laptop or PC. Receipts are printed on Epson TM-T20 thermal printer.

Quick order taking

We test the application thoroughly and achieve the minimum time needed to take an order. The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require any time for staff training. Waiters start selling in a minute.

Reliable online and offline

Temporary losses of Internet connection won’t stop your venue from work: you can continue taking orders and printing receipts. Created transactions will appear in the management panel after the connection is restored.

Defeat theft: all resources will work for your business

You can set a password protection for actions that require advanced security, e.g. removal of order items after printing a receipt, applying a discount, etc.

Add goods with a barcode scanner

Connect a barcode scanner to your POS and speed up taking of orders. You can add goods, scan a discount card and barcodes printed by scales. Poster supports Motorola bluetooth scanners. Peep!

Payment methods

Client can pay for the order in parts: with cash, card or certificate.

Orders for kitchen

Print orders to your kitchen, bar, brazier and any other workshops.

Split the orders

You can easily split an order among a company of guests.

Fast food mode

You can turn table scheme off if you have a self-service cafe or a store.

Table scheme

Waiters easily navigate open orders with the help of table scheme. You can add a table, resize or move it with a visual editor in the management panel.

Branded receipts

You can place your logo and address on every receipt.


Say some pleasant words to your every customer. Just add some lines and Poster will print a random one on receipts.


Print your Wi-Fi spot name and password at the bottom of a receipt.


Full overview of your business accessible from anywhere around the world

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