Gift Shop POS System

Slick POS app & robust web-based admin software. Prices from $24 per month.

Poster makes running a gift shop simple

Cater to all methods of payment

Accept and track payments in cash, by card or smartphone, and handle gift cards. Now you can check sales reports that display data grouped by payment method.

Delight shoppers with faster checkout

Choose a reliable POS with a slick interface to ease your cashiers’ work and improve customers’ checkout experience.

Use a POS that works online and offline

Use a POS solution that works in offline mode, syncs data, and stores it safely in the cloud. Now an unreliable internet connection won’t harm your sales.

Use promotions to ramp up your sales

Leverage the built-in marketing features of your POS to offer limited-time deals, bundle products and sell gift baskets with discounts.

Manage all orders and track their statuses right on the Poster terminal.

Poster’s point of sale software for gift shops doesn’t tie you down with a limited choice of hardware. Set it up on your Android or iOS tablet, or on your macOS, Windows or Linux computer, and you’re ready to go! Poster also works with a wide variety of barcode scanners, cash registers, payment terminals and scales.

Ipad and Phone

Choose a gift store POS that simplifies inventory management

Add incoming inventory without a hitch

Menu with pictures

As soon as your supplier delivers your latest order, you can record all of your incoming inventory through Poster’s admin panel or through the app on your tablet. Having trouble organizing your bulk orders? With Poster, you can set up ordering units for products arriving in large numbers: for example, if you get badges delivered to you in boxes of 100, you can set up your inventory to know the exact number of items in stock and prices per each item. Poster will calculate it automatically whenever you enter a bulk order into the system!

Menu with pictures

Stay on top of your inventory management

Work with Kitchen Kit to reduce wait times

With the help of Poster’s low stock alerts, you never have to worry about running out of your best-selling products. By creating low stock thresholds in the management console, you can rest assured that you will be automatically notified in time to place new orders from your suppliers!

Work with Kitchen Kit to reduce wait times

Navigate through your catalogue with ease

Let people create their own pizzas

Customize your catalogue to speed up your sales. Now you can organize products in categories, add pictures to items, and move the most popular items to the top of your catalogue, helping you cut off a few seconds for each order you enter in the system.

Let people create their own pizzas

Use barcodes to automatically register products

Take payments with ease

Use your barcode scanner to add a new product to your catalogue, and to find products in your POS when you receive a delivery from your suppliers. Scan barcodes to quickly add products to customers’ orders. If some of your products don’t have barcodes yet, search for them by name in your catalogue and add them to customers’ orders in a few seconds.

Take payments with ease

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The POS for gift shops that optimizes your workflow

Open multiple locations or franchise your pizzeria

With Poster POS, you’ll be able to spend less time performing tedious tasks, and focus on what matters. Managing your catalogue and keeping track of your finances has never been this simple: Log in to the management console using any device, and manage your business whenever and wherever it suits you best.

Open multiple locations or franchise your pizzeria

Poster helps gift shop owners understand their bottom line

Improve inventory turnover rates

Use Poster’s smart reporting tools to know what sells well. Balance purchases with sales and minimize the amount of dead stock sitting in your backroom.

Discover what products drive profits

Track stock purchases in your gift shop inventory software and monitor your costs and profit margins. Negotiate with suppliers in good time and adjust your prices accordingly.

Calculate your net profit automatically

Track all the overhead expenses in your POS to take them into account in your financial analysis. Now you can see your net profit without performing additional calculations.

Get more out of loyalty programs

Compare your sales figures before and after you launch promotions. Discover how much revenue you gain from loyalty programs, and don’t let your promotions harm your margins.

A POS system for gift shops that modernizes your business

Poster POS gives you greater security and flexibility thanks to the magic of cloud-storage. With Poster, you can rest assured that your business data is stored safely in the cloud. Your account is always protected, and you can safely access the management console on any computer, tablet or laptop.

Crunch numbers with ease

Spend less time on creating reports

Analyze your business data using Poster’s reports and dashboards. Now you don’t need to pore over spreadsheets for hours to find out what brings you profit and what needs to be improved.

Spend less time on creating reports

Focus on the essentials when you’re on the go

Thanks to the Poster Boss app, you can also keep an eye on your inventory and sales figures when you only have your smartphone at hand. Don’t miss out on a single transaction and analyse your performance reports whenever you want with Poster’s powerful app for gift shop owners and managers.

More about Poster Boss →

Poster and Cloudbeds integration for hoteliers

Spend less time on creating reports

If your gift shop is a complementary business to your hotel, your point of sale can work in sync with your property management system. When your guests buy something in your store, invoice their room and let them pay when they check out.

Spend less time on creating reports

Comprehensive POS software for gift shop owners

Comprehensive POS system for pizza restaurant owners
  • Payment history
  • Catalogue management
  • Inventory control
  • Loyalty programs
  • Statistics reports and dashboards
  • Taxes and accounting
  • Business performance metrics
  • Revenue analytics
  • Payroll calculation
  • Integration with useful apps
Comprehensive POS system for pizza restaurant owners

Run multiple gift shops or start a franchise

Open multiple locations or franchise your pizzeria

By using the same account to manage several gift stores, you will be able to keep track of every aspect of your business, in all of your locations at the same time. If you want to start a franchise, Poster POS allows you to coordinate marketing efforts and keep administrative permissions separate for each franchisee, so that each location has the independence they need while also working together to create promotions.

Poster for franchises →

Open multiple locations or franchise your pizzeria

Pricing plans that fit the scale of your business

Subscription plans that fit the scale of your business

Thanks to Poster’s competitive prices, you’ll be able to put aside more money for future projects and investments, with all the benefits of our state-of-the-art software. Our gift shop software gives you everything you need to continue to develop your store: your business needs will be covered every step of the way with Poster’s flexible prices.

 Starts from $24 per month

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Subscription plans that fit the scale of your business


The cost will depend on the size of your gift store, the number of employees, the products in your catalogue, and the tools you need to run your business. Poster has a wide variety of subscription plans, where you can find something that works for your gift shop.

All you need to automate your gift shop is a tablet or laptop. Poster works on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The minimum system requirements and a list of additional equipment can be found on this page.

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Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Easy to set up.
Excellent customer support

Transparent prices

Poster works on a subscription model with simple plans that will help you automate your business. Prices start from $NaN per month. No hidden fees.

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Free customer support 24/7

We are always there when you need us: we can help you and help train your staff at any time and in any situation.

Choose your own equipment

A regular tablet or computer is more than enough to get started with Poster. Connect . We offer ready-made kits so you can start working without hassle!

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