Flexible and usable inventory


Manage inventory balances in real-time mode, make inventory checks, and add supplies using a convenient and intuitive interface.


All inventory operations

Poster supports all types of inventory operation and report: supply, inventory check, waste, transfer, etc.

Inventory checks

We guarantee you will fall in love with inventory checks! All you need do is enter the actual balances into the system and Poster will take care of the rest.


When you enter a supply into the system, you will see the previous purchase price and variance from the norm.

Ordering units

Add supplies by box, package and other units. When supplying soda in a pack of 12 items, specify the number of packs, and Poster will automatically calculate the number of items.

Supplies import

Import Excel supplier invoices for products and ingredients, their quantities and prices to add supplies even faster.

Deduction rules

If you have the same ingredients stored in different storage units, set the deduction rules. This is really handy when you want lemons for salads to be deducted from Kitchen storage, and lemons for cocktails from Bar storage.


Use manufacture in Poster when you cook menu items in advance. This way you can manage stock balances by ready-made dishes and preparations instead of ingredients. This is a perfect fit for bakeries, candy shops, and canteen.

Don’t forget to buy products in time

You’ll never lose customers because of a lack of ingredients. When you’re running out of coffee or coconut milk, we will send a message telling you it’s time to call your supplier and place an order. Just specify the low stock limit for each ingredient so Poster knows when you need a refill.

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