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  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Easy for you, easy for customers

Only $7 per month — the first 15 days are free.

Why connect Poster QR now?

Get a QR menu for your restaurant in just one click

Automatically generate a contactless QR menu using items from your Poster account. Simply add images and descriptions to your existing menu.

Simple control

QR menu is always up to date: new items, prices, and images are automatically uploaded whenever changes are made. Create a hassle-free QR menu.

Implement the latest technologies and food service industry trends into your restaurant

Manage efficiently

Easily update the menu and seasonal items in your QR menu to save on printing papers.

Increase revenue

Showcase your menu using delicious images to highlight the flavor, ingredients, and composition.

See a QR Menu Example

To check out Poster QR sample, visit the demo website below or scan the QR code.

Handy for customers

Visual menu

Include photos, ingredients, and portion sizes in your QR menu. Provide detailed dish descriptions, such as allergen information, to take extra care of your customers.

Attentive waitstaff, not just servers

Your waitstaff can focus on providing exceptional service while the QR menu takes care of displaying and switching menus.

Create contactless QR Menu now

Get a comprehensive showcase website with a QR Menu in just one click. Yes, it’s that simple, and hassle-free.

Only $7 per month with the first 15 days free.

Poster POS + Poster QR = ❤️

Menu sync

All menu items from Poster, along with any updates, will be automatically displayed in your contactless QR menu.


Gain insights with detailed reports and sales analytics to guide you in improving your performance.

Financial reports

Control all your expenses and incomes to ensure profitability and secure it.

How Poster QR app works

Connect the Poster QR app in your management console and select the “QR-menu pricing plan.

Wait for your menu to sync with Poster QR, which takes a few moments.

Scan a generated QR code on your phone to see the contactless menu.

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“Poster QR nailed it for us”

Виталий Марценюк

Vitaliy Martsenyuk — Co-owner of the L’UMORE restaurant chain.

When it came to picking an QR Menu service, we wanted something that was easy to use and understand, you know? So, we were looking for a way to showcase all the important stuff like details, food photos, and what goes into each dish. That’s where Poster QR really nailed it for us. We only had plain old paper menus at our place, so now all our guests have to do is scan the QR code! They get to see all the dish details and amazing photos. It’s been a huge help honestly.

Виталий Марценюк

“Have a QR menu integrated with our POS system is crucial”

Вячеслав Парфеньев

Vyacheslav Parfenyev — General Manager at Asian Food Irezumi.

We don’t have printed menus at our restaurant, so the best thing for us is an online menu with QR codes. It’s convenient for our customers to pick their dishes, check out photos and ingredients, and even leave reviews. Our staff can focus more on serving our guests and giving top-notch service, while the QR menu handles all the boring tasks.

Вячеслав Парфеньев


Connect Poster QR, to get a digital menu with QR code. Go to Settings → QR Menu. Click Download to get a QR code image for printing it out.

Contactless restaurant menu is updated automatically when the new dishes added, prices changed, or visuals refreshed. QR menu is handy to showcase your meals with mouthwatering images, tell about discounts or just get the menu online.

Yes, and Poster QR creates one in a few clicks. Digital menu syncs products and dishes from your Poster POS back office. You get a website, showcase and digital QR code menu for the restaurant for $7 per month.

Default QR menu does not allow making orders. Only viewing. To make delivery and takeaway orders on your QR menu website, upgrade Poster QR to the next pricing plan.

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