Simple QR code menu for your restaurant or cafe

Create a contactless QR menu for your restaurant or cafe with Poster QR. Easy online menu just a QR code away.

QR Menu costs only $7 per month.

Native QR code restaurant menu to start quickly

Poster QR is built-in to Poster POS eco-system. No need to build a QR menu from scratch. Sync products and dishes from your Poster POS back office.

Simple solution

Creating Poster QR is simple. Get your menu online in few clicks. Sync automatically new products and dishes.

Automatic set up and support

QR code for restaurant menu is always up to date. Poster QR automatically updates any changes. Menu, images, prices and in-stock status are updated constantly.

Easy upgrade to the online ordering system

Complete your QR menu with online orders in one click. View and make delivery orders or take away in one solution.

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Customer convenience

Access your new contactless digital menu without any installations. Poster QR is available in any browser, smartphone or tablet.

  • Visual images and descriptions
  • Easy to navigate and search
  • Showcase new and popular items
  • Discounts and promotions

Launch your QR menu now

Digital menu just a click away. Save costs on developing massive websites while your cafe enjoys a complete website, digital menu, and even online orders.

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Online ordering website

Handy website to receive your online orders. Visitors see a no-touch menu for a restaurant, place orders, and make card payments on your single website.

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Connect Poster QR, to get a digital menu with QR code. Go to Settings → QR Menu. Click Download to get a QR code image for printing it out.

Contactless restaurant menu is updated automatically when the new dishes added, prices changed, or visuals refreshed. QR menu is handy to showcase your meals with mouthwatering images, tell about discounts or just get the menu online.

Yes, and Poster QR creates one in a few clicks. Digital menu syncs products and dishes from your Poster POS back office. You get a website, showcase and digital QR code menu for the restaurant for $7 per month.

Default QR menu does not allow making orders. Only viewing. To make delivery and takeaway orders on your QR menu website, upgrade Poster QR to the next pricing plan.

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