Intuitive interface for managing your menu

Add dishes and preparations, analyze your food cost, combine dishes into categories. With Poster you spend minimal time on routine.


Everything not produced in your venue or which you sell as is. For example, a chocolate bar or can of soda.


This is what goes into all of your dishes. For example, tomatoes, cheese, or milk.


Menu items you cook from a specific recipe using ingredients and preparations. For example, pasta or pizza.


You also cook preparations in-house but don’t sell them as a menu item. For example, croissant dough or cake cream.

Concentrate on customers, not software

Assign different colors to menu items and upload actual photos of them to help waiters spend less time on searching for a specific dish and more on talking to customers. Sort dishes and drinks by demand and add the most popular items to the main screen.

Keep yoor food cost under control

The food cost for dishes is calculated automatically based on the supply of ingredients and the stock balance. The food cost will be recalculated after each new supply.


Set the menu and earn more with dish modifiers. Give your customers the opportunity to choose different toppings for pizza, the level of steak doneness, or the sauces to go with it. Using modifiers, the waiter will process any order much faster.

Sell weighted products

You can indicate the price per 100 g for steaks, nuts, or cookies. When selling, the waiter will enter the weight on the Point of Sale, and the cost will be calculated automatically.

Manage prices in real time

Change dish and product prices right on the list. Within 10 seconds, all prices will be automatically updated on the Point of Sale.


Be aware of which dishes bring you more revenue by conducting an ABC analysis in your Poster account. Decide which dishes to remove from the menu, and which prices you need to change.

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