Usable and fast way to manage your menu or catalogue

When you move from an existing POS system or starting from scratch, adding menu is one of the most time consuming processes. But not with Poster! We’ve made an effort so filling in the menu wouldn’t take much of your time.


Can’t be listed in a batch ticket. For example, a can of Cola.


Ingredients are used in your batch tickets and precooked items. Can’t be sold on POS. For example, onion.

Precooked items

You can use them in batch tickets, but can’t sell on POS. For example, bouillon.

Batch tickets

These are you dishes with recipe and price. For example, Carbonara.

Find goods and dishes fast

So that your waiters could take an order even faster, you can attach images to your categories, goods and dishes. Voila!

Batch tickets

Handling methods

You can set different handling methods for every ingredient in your batch ticket. Brutto/netto ratio will be calculated automatically.

Automatic prime cost calculation

The prime costs of your batch tickets will be calculated automatically when you add supplies with the ingredients they consist of.

Weight goods and batch tickets

For the goods and batch tickets you sell by weight, the price is set for 100g. Once a waiter adds a weight good into an order, Poster will prompt the weight. He can scan barcode printed from scales or enter the weight manually.

Multi-prices for chain venues

You can set a separate price for a single good or a batch ticket in different venues. New prices will apply on POS in 10 seconds after you save them in the management panel.

Workshop settings

You can create an unlimited number of workshops (e.g. kitchen, bar, brazier) and assign a workshop for every good. After that you will be able to send orders to your cook or bartender and get sales reports grouped by workshop.


Flexible and in-depth inventory management

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