Franchise POS for Multiunit Restaurant Operations

Restaurant franchise management POS helps to optimize franchise operations and control business performance

Poster POS system for franchise

Launch new franchised locations fast

Sweeten the deal for your prospective franchisees by offering them a POS account configured and fully set up for launch including the menu and client base.

Keep your menu synced across all units

Manage the menu remotely in your franchise POS to ensure your franchisees follow your standardized recipes and procedures, to guarantee that the quality of your dishes remains consistent.

Analyze sales and revenue enterprise-wide

Get a franchise POS solution with robust reports and dashboards showing real-time data from every franchised location, helping you calculate royalties and control profitability.

Create a solid franchisee onboarding experience

Work with your account manager at Poster to learn how our cloud franchise POS solution works. We will provide staff at new locations with advice on best practices.

An all-in-one CRM and POS system for your franchise

Єдина CRM- і POS-система для мережі франчайзі

Poster Connect offers the franchise owner a personal dashboard to monitor and manage every location in the franchise, as well as monitoring reports and performance, all from one account!

Єдина CRM- і POS-система для мережі франчайзі

Shared client database

Set up promotions for the entire franchise network, and create customer loyalty programs. Your customers will be able to use their customer loyalty cards at any of your locations!

Keep prices under control

Never lose sight of your bottom line! Monitor fluctuations in costs and product performance, and change prices accordingly, depending on the needs of each location.

Shared standards and procedures

Create and share recipes, inventory lists, shoppings lists, suppliers, and client profiles across all of the businesses in your franchise.

And with Poster Connect you’ll also get…

Free tools for:

  • Synchronization of your menus
  • Sales statistics

Tools with the Clients pack:

  • Synchronized client database
  • Synchronized promotions
  • Customer statistics

Tools with the Menu pack:

  • Price management
  • Statistics for products, categories, receipts, payment methods and ABC analysis

Every connected account costs 180 грн/month

Restaurant franchises with over 100 units use Poster POS

Our customers recommend Poster POS as the best POS system for franchises

Відгуки наших клієнтів

Fedets Family Bakery owns the franchise brand with over 150 locations. We have worked with Poster POS for three years, and our franchisees are happy with our choice of POS franchise software: It has a slick interface and it allows them to access their business data from anywhere.

For us, as a franchisor company, the most valuable feature is the franchise master account. Our head office team can quickly introduce changes and analyze business performance across the board. And we get new features with regular software updates, which is always a plus!


Tatiana Rudenko, Head of Analytics Department

Відгуки наших клієнтів

We’ve been using Poster POS to run our international franchise for several years. We recommend this cloud-based POS for franchises because it’s user-friendly and works on any laptop, tablet or PC. It allows us to manage our menu, control inventory, and run loyalty programs without any hassle. Poster POS helps us a lot with ordering as it calculates the amounts of products left in stock automatically, saving us a lot of time.

Poster POS has been the go-to system for our franchisees, and we’ve recommended it to other business owners. It’s really helped us run everything more smoothly.

My Coffee

Відгуки наших клієнтів

Victoria Kots, Business Development Manager

Відгуки наших клієнтів
Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Easy to set up.
Excellent customer support

Transparent prices

Poster works on a subscription model with simple plans that will help you automate your business. Prices start from $NaN per month. No hidden fees.

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Free customer support 24/7

We are always there when you need us: we can help you and help train your staff at any time and in any situation.

Choose your own equipment

A regular tablet or computer is more than enough to get started with Poster. Connect . We offer ready-made kits so you can start working without hassle!

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