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Kitchen Kit: A kitchen display for your restaurant

Kitchen kit is an app that helps you replace ticket printers in the kitchen. Orders with detailed descriptions will appear instantly on your tablet so your chefs can start cooking right away!


Kitchen Kit streamlines the workflow for your chefs in restaurants, cafes and bars

What features does Kitchen Kit offer?

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Access to all your dishes

Your chefs can access the recipes for any dish on their tablets. It will be especially handy for all of your line cooks and new staff who don’t know the recipes and serving sizes by heart. It is always better to check, and even better to do it quickly and immediately after receiving your order.

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Notifications for waiters

You don’t have to come to the kitchen and ask if the order is ready. When the dish is ready, the waiter or cashier’s terminal will be notified. Also at any time you can see at what stage  the order is, to tell the guest about the readiness of dishes and clarify the order of serving.

Real time updates for your orders

With your Kitchen Kit kitchen display system you will have access to the following info:

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Frequently asked questions about KDS systems

To work with Kitchen Kit, all you need is a tablet or monitor where you can Android. Minimum system requirements can be found on the App Store and Google Play page.

Kitchen Kit is an add-on that is available to customers with the Pro subscription plan. For the time being, this integration isn’t available to customers with other subscription plans.

To start using the app, sign in with the same login details you use for Poster, and your POS database and the KDS will be linked! Learn more about how to connect and configure the Kitchen Kit in Poster’s knowledge base.
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