Is your business viable? Discover in P&L report!

With P&L, you can easily get a detailed breakdown of your revenues, costs, expenses, and make informed decisions for your business.

P&L is just $10/mo for the first location in your account and an additional $5/mo for each extra location.

Why P&L from Poster?

Single Interface

With Poster, all your reports are in one place. Easily view Profit & Loss and Cash Flow statements, and implement management decisions directly from the back office.

Flexible Settings

Customize your management accounting to fit your business needs. Define which categories fall under expenses and which under costs.

Reduce Workload

Reports are automatically generated from cash register shifts, supplier payments, and other expenses and transactions you already entered into Poster, minimizing manual work.

Export Data to Excel

Download all your data from Poster and create customized reports tailored to your specific location.

Stay on Top of Your Business

P&L answers all the crucial questions about your business’s health:

  • How has food cost changed compared to last year?
  • What brings in more profit: the bar or the kitchen?
  • Which categories have room for cost optimization?
  • How have expenses changed compared to the previous period?
  • What’s the profit margin of my business?
  • How much do I owe in taxes from revenue?

Make Informed Decisions

With P&L, it’s easy to track how the workload in the kitchen and bar changes with the seasons. Additional data from other reports helps you make smart decisions for your business, such as staffing, updating the menu, and knowing when it’s time to find new suppliers.

Keep Up with Your Sales Plan

Get detailed sales data with up-to-date cost and margin metrics at your fingertips. Analyze figures in both monetary terms and percentages to manage your return on investment.

Manage Food Costs Easily

Track how your food costs change over the month and compare them with other periods. Make immediate decisions about menu adjustments and seasonal dishes.

Perfect for Single Locations and Chains Alike

If you manage more than one location, you can check their individual performance and see the overall results in a single report.

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Maksim Yavorskiy, owner of “Have” coffee shop

Easy to set up.
Excellent customer support

Transparent prices

Poster works on a subscription model with simple plans that will help you automate your business. Prices start from $NaN per month. No hidden fees.

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Free customer support 24/7

We are always there when you need us: we can help you and help train your staff at any time and in any situation.

Choose your own equipment

A regular tablet or computer is more than enough to get started with Poster. Connect . We offer ready-made kits so you can start working without hassle!

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P&L is an add-on module available with all pricing plans: Mini, Business, and Pro.

The report automatically populates with sales data from the register and the cost of sold dishes. It also includes all transactions added in the management console. You continue to enter all expenses and income into Poster, and Poster will categorize and display it in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Yes, the report will display all data from the first day you started using Poster. Simply select the desired period in the top right corner to compare this year’s metrics with previous periods.

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