Manage your business from the smartphone

Control the work of your restaurant from any smartphone all around the world. All relevant data is taken from your Poster account.

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Analytics in your pocket

Sales and checks reports in the form of convenient charts right on your smartphone.


Access to all your accounts from the one application. Add accounts of all your locations to one Poster Boss multi-account.

Be the first to know today’s sales numbers

Get notifications about the amount of earned money on your smartphone right after the cash shift closes.

View check reports

Choose any period of time and view how many checks, profit, revenue, and guests you had during the selected interval. You always can become aware of the average receipt and the average service time in your location.

View reports by categories

Find out best selling products on your menu and which location is more profitable. View how many customers were in your location and how did they pay.

Conduct a storage audit

Be aware of your stock balances️ and watch your products and ingredients movement in real time.

Monitor your financial flows

Set up reports sending after each transaction, opening and closing a cash shift, and any money transfers within the location. All the financial activity you have in sight.

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