We use the newest and high-quality equipment: iPad — durable, light and powerful tablet; printers Epson famous for their reliability, quality and high printing speed.

Average cost of the equipment set (a tablet, a printer) for start — 700 $.

Apple iPad

Waiter’s work is done on a tablet Apple iPad 4 or a newer one.

Google Nexus

Poster supports Androiod 4.4+ tablets

Printer Epson

Poster works with a thermal printer Epson TM-T20 Ethernet (with DHCP adjustment) and LAN-connector.

325 $ 250 $*

Receipt printers

Besides Epson Poster application supports printing receipts on printers that utilize ESC/POS protocol and are connected via LAN

Tested models list


To work with Poster, you need a wifi-router with ethernet-port and Internet connection.

iPad stand

For convenience, the tablet is installed on a special stand made of aluminium.

49 $

Barcode scanner

To speed up your customers’ check out, you can use bluetooth barcode scanner.

299 $

Poster box

To connect fiscal register you’ll need a specific device — PosterBox

If you pay for a month $139

If you pay for a year $99


You can keep cash in a cash box, which will be opened while printing a receipt (12V).

59 $
* For new clients with annual subscription plans

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