Simple, clear financial reports

With Poster you’ll easily find every number. For example, the net profit for the previous quarter or how much you spent on salaries in March last year.

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Cash shifts

Control your cash drawer. If there is a difference between cash shift balances, you’ll easily find the gap.



Take into account rent, water, deliveries or cleaning services. You’ll have a complete report on all your transactions.


Net profit

View your venue’s net profit for any period. Poster brings together all income and expenses, calculating profits automatically.

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Расчет зарплаты

Pay employees for hours worked or shifts, a fixed rate or percentage of sales. Poster collects reports on each employee and calculates the payroll automatically.

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Poster Boss

View real-time financial reports wherever you are: at the office, in a meeting, at the airport. Account balances, revenue, net income, all transactions, receipts, and inventories—everything is always completely under your control.

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