Simple, clear financial reports

With Poster you’ll easily find any figure in your operations. For example, the net profit for the previous quarter or how much you spent on salaries in March last year.

Single Interface

With Poster, all your reports are in one place. Easily view Profit & Loss and Cash Flow statements, and implement management decisions directly from the back office.

Reduce Workload

Reports are automatically generated from cash register shifts, supplier payments, and other expenses and transactions you already entered into Poster, minimizing manual work.

Export Data to Excel

Download all your data from Poster and create customized reports tailored to your specific location.


Get a detailed breakdown of your revenues, costs, and expenses. Gain critical financial insights to improve your business performance and strategy.

Cash Flow

With Poster’s Cash Flow report, you always know where your money is. Check the balance of a specific account or all accounts at your location at the beginning and end of each period. Manage risks effectively: prevent cash flow gaps and plan for business expansion.

Multiple employees

Poster has no limits on the number of employees. Set up individual access for accountants and delegate routine tasks to them.

Time and Payroll Management

Set up time tracking and specify the hourly, shift, or monthly rates. Indicate categories for which employees will earn commissions. Choose one or multiple methods of calculating payroll based on the employee’s position.

Go mobile with our Poster Boss app

Install the Poster Boss app on your smartphone to gain quick access to real-time sales data and inventory levels.

Receive notifications whenever a cash shift begins or ends at your location containing details about the amount of money in the register.

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What does financial accounting in Poster offer?

Manage Costs with Ease

Customize your management accounting to fit your business. Define which categories count as expenses and which as cost of goods sold. Keep an eye on food costs and make quick decisions about menu changes or introducing seasonal meals.

Control Profitability

Track the profits and expenses of your location to optimize your return on investment.

Make Strategic Decisions

Analyze financial reports and statistics to make informed decisions about staffing, when to add or remove menu items, and the best time to seek new suppliers.

Grow Your Business

With key business metrics always at your fingertips, you can see exactly how much you can reinvest to grow your restaurant.

Make the Right Decisions

Financial reports answer the key questions of your business:

💬 How much cash did each of my locations earn?

💬 Do I have enough money in the bank account to cover essential payments?

Finances → Cash Flow

💬 How has food cost changed compared to last year?

💬 Which one is more profitable: the bar or the kitchen?

Finances → P&L

💬 Where can I optimize expenses?

💬 How have expenses changed compared to the previous period?

Finances → P&L

💬 What’s the profit margin of my business?

💬 How much do I owe in taxes from revenue?

Finances → P&L

💬 Have all utilities been paid for?

💬 Are cash shifts being handled correctly in my location?

Finances → Transactions

💬 How many hours did the waitstaff work this month?

💬 How much needs to be allocated for last month’s salaries?

Finances → Payroll

Poster is Perfect for Single Locations and Chains Alike

Browse reports for all your locations, or set filters to view financial metrics for each location individually.

However, even if you’re opening a single cafe, it’s crucial to set up management accounting. This way, you can monitor profitability metrics, respond timely to market conditions, and run a successful business.

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