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Poster POS offers you a top-of-the-line solution for managing your deliveries. Launch your own delivery platform for your restaurant in just 1 day.

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Create your site and upload your whole menu to your site in just one click


If you don’t have your own website yet, create it with Poster Shop with just one click. Websites created with Poster are fast and easy to use, both on computers and mobile devices. Thanks to our accessible menus, your customers can order takeaway or delivery in no time.

Manage all of your deliveries from a single POS terminal

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Take orders at lightning speed

The waiter or cashier accepts the order for delivery directly on the tablet and your cooks immediately start cooking in parallel with other orders.

Take all types of payment

Bank cards, cash or partial payment with cash-back rewards all work with Poster.

Keep track of deliveries at each step

Monitor your delivery orders in real time to understand where your weak points are: whether it’s the speed of the kitchen or the logistics of your courier service.

Apply discounts and bonuses

Special offers and cash-back rewards will help you recruit a customer base after you launch your delivery service.

All your orders in one place

Take orders for delivery as you take orders in your location. The list will show you the status of each order, when it needs to be delivered and whether you’re sticking to your standard delivery time.

Client profiles

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  • Your cashier or waiter only needs to enter the guest data once in Poster. Next time you do not need to re-enter your name or phone number.
  • The guest will be able to accumulate cash-back rewards, and you will be able to monitor how often regular customers make orders.

Information about orders

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  • Add a few addresses if the client orders from home or office.
  • Specify the method of payment or bills from the client to prepare the terminal or delivery for the courier.
  • Make a note of the time and date of delivery so you don’t forget about your upcoming orders. They will be at the top of the list just when you need to start cooking them.
Try Poster POS for free
Learn why 50,000 businesses love Poster POS. Start your 15-day free trial.

Make life even easier for your couriers!

Poster Shop simplifies your delivery service. Your couriers will be able to see all the info for each order, and you will be able to monitor their progress.

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Analyze the performance of deliveries

Your delivery accounting program works in any browser. View statistics, make changes to menus or prices, run inventory checks, and monitor sales from anywhere in the world.

Keep track of couriers

Statistics Couriers

Keep an eye on the load on your kitchen and the speed of couriers. Set the correct standards for service times so that your customers don’t wait longer and the couriers don’t stand idle.

Detailed sales reports

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To better understand the revenue from your delivery sales, you can use Poster’s analytics tools. You’ll find out what percentage of your total orders come from delivery, your cash turnover and the number of delivery orders from each one of your locations.

Optimize your workflow and inventory

Fast inventory check


Run inventory checks to prevent theft and stock losses in your business. Compare the actual balance of the kitchen or bar with the expected stock balance calculated by Poster. You’ll immediately see what’s missing and be able to find out what’s causing it.

Discover Poster’s Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Kit Poster

Kitchen Kit is an Android application, which replaces your printers in the kitchen. The waiter sends the order to the kitchen, specifying the number of servings and additional comments. Poster makes your food delivery platform faster and more efficient.

Poster offers you a complete solution for delivery

  • Inventory control
  • Menu management
  • Sales statistics
  • Print fiscal receipts
  • Track couriers
  • Delivery sales statistics
  • Loyalty program
  • Customer profiles
  • Payroll calculation
  • Receipts for cashless payments
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Our customers share their opinion about Poster POS

‘I considered several solutions and picked Poster POS. It was a great alternative to buying expensive software. It allowed us to track our business performance on any device. It’s been 3 years now and the system has helped us a lot with managing inventory and sales.’

Arnie Villafuerte

Arnie Villafuerte

General Manager at Mandala Eco Villas

Eco-friendly hotel, El Salvador

‘I was really glad to find a POS system that allows me to access data from whatever computer I have available. With Poster POS, I can track sales and expenses with very little effort. The app is easy to learn and use, and the support crew is always super friendly and responsive.’

Xavier Miranda

Xavier Miranda

Owner at Selva Blanca

Vegan restaurant, Mexico

Customer Support

You can count on 24/7 technical support by phone and chat. Our team is ready to assist with the point-of-sale setup and configuration, advise you on the best practices of coffee shop operations management, and show you how to get the most out of every feature in the system.

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Try Poster POS for free
Learn why 50,000 businesses love Poster POS. Start your 15-day free trial.

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