How to set up the cash-back rewards program

How to set up the cash-back rewards program

Set up a cash-back rewards program, so your customers will collect and use bonuses to pay full price or part of the receipt with them. To do this, create customer groups, specify transition conditions between cash-back rewards groups and add guests to the customer list.

Add customer groups

Add customer groups to set up bonus collecting. To do this: 

  1. Go to Marketing → Customer groups in the management console.

  2. Click Add

  3. Name group, e.g. “5%”.

  4. In Loyalty program field choose Cash-back rewards system.

  5. Enter bonus size, e.g. “5%”.

  6. In Birthday bonus field enter bonus size which will be automatically enlisted to customer on birthday

  7. Click Add.

💡 Set up different percentage for different customer groups.

Transition conditions between cash-back rewards groups

You can set up automatic increasing of bonus percentage, turn on transition between cash-back rewards groups and enter the sum of purchases to transfer. 

To set up transition conditions between customer groups:

  1. Go to Marketing → Loyalty.

  2. In Cash-back rewards program section enter Maximum % of receipt paying with bonuses, e.g. enter “100%” so your customers could pay whole receipt with bonuses. 

  3. In Registration bonus field enter the sum which will be enlisted after registration of customer.

  4. Enable the transition between groups

  5. In Transition conditions choose group from drop-down list and enter sum of purchases, after reaching of this sum customer will move to the next group and get a higher percent of bonus enlisting. 

  6. Click Add and enter all stages of transferring between groups. 

  7. Click Save

Customer registration

To let customer take part in the cash-back rewards loyalty program, add him to customer list. 

To add customers: 

  1. Go to Marketing → Customers in the management console. 

  2. Click Add

  3. Fill up the customer card and choose cash-back rewards group which meets amount of bonuses enlistment for him. 

  4. Click Add.  

💡 Add new customers on the POS. To do this press + in customer list window, fill up customer card and tap Done

If customer collected enough bonuses and want to pay receipt with them, receive payment in bonuses

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