How to create a points-based program

Set up a point-based loyalty program so that customers could accumulate bonuses and fully or partly pay orders with them. To do this, create customer groups, specify conditions of transition between groups and add guests to the customer list.

Creating customer groups

To begin with, create customer groups, to set up bonuses charging:

  1. Open the tab Marketing → Customer groups in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Name the group. For example, “5%”.

  4. Select the loyalty program — Point-based system.
  5. Enter the Bonus size — 5%.
  6. Enter the Birthday bonus
  7. Click Add.

💡 Assign different bonus size for different customer groups.

Conditions of transition between groups

To increase the bonus size, apply the automatic transition between bonus groups and conditions.

To configure the transition between bonus groups:

  1. Open the tab MarketingLoyalty.

  2. In the section Points-based program enter Maximum % — the highest possible percentage of bonus pay. For example, enter “100%”.

  3. Enter registration bonus.

  4. Turn on the transition between groups.

  5. In the Transition conditions section, select the group from the list and write the total purchases sum, at which point the customer will get a higher percentage of bonuses.

  6. Click Add and follow the same way for the rest of the customer groups.

  7. Click Save.

Add customers

In order for a guest to become a member of the point-based loyalty system, add him to the customer list.

To add a customer:

  1. Open the tab MarketingCustomers in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Fill in the customer form and select customer bonus group that matches the customer bonuses size.

  4. Click Add.

💡 Add new customers on the register. To do this, click + button in the window with a customer list, fill the form and click Done.

If the customer has enough bonuses on his account, you can accept the order payment with bonuses.

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