Poster POS vs. Utak POS Comparison

Are you looking for an alternative to Utak? Find out more about the main differences between Poster and Utak, and decide which system suits you best! Poster offers you:

  • Inventory, finances, and analytics
  • Reporting and marketing tools
  • Available on tablet, phone and browser
  • From $24 per month (aprox. ₱ 1,400)

Why should you try Poster?

1. Better value for money

Both Utak and Poster work on a subscription basis, but the main difference is that with this Utak alternative, even the most basic plan offers you a wide variety of tools to manage your business. You can install the POS app on your tablet or mobile, so you won't have to invest large amounts of money on additional equipment.

Comparing Poster POS and Utak

Let’s see what the main differences are between these four different plans: Poster Mini vs Utak Basic, and Poster Pro.

Utak BasicPoster MiniPoster Pro
From ₱ 1,500 per monthFrom ₱ 1,350 per monthFrom ₱ 3,699 per month
 Loyalty programs Loyalty programs 24/7 support via phone, email and chat
 Basic inventory management Advanced inventory management Advanced inventory management
 No customer database Detailed customer database Discounts and promotional tools
 Offline mode for POS Offline mode for POS Customer e-Wallet
 No cash shifts Cash shifts available Table reservations
 You can’t monitor sales from your smartphone App for owners to track sales Integrated KDS system
 Fewer advanced functions on the POS Split the bill, change waiters, use multiple payment methods Payroll calculation

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2. Poster works on all of your devices

Poster POS can be installed on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as smartphones, MacOS and Windows computers. You can even open it directly on your browser! No need to buy expensive terminals that you’ll need to change anyway if you want to change to a different service provider.

Poster POSUtak POS
 Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
 Mobile — Android Mobile — Android
 Mobile — iPad Mobile — iPad
 Mobile — iPhone Mobile — iPhone
 Desktop — Mac Desktop — Mac
 Desktop — Windows Desktop — Windows

What do you get with Poster?

Run better inventory checks

Poster offers you ingredient-level inventory tools that will allow you to keep perfect track of all the stock that comes in and out of your business. Correct past mistakes, separate different fridges and storage units, and much more!

Keep working offline

If the internet stops working, don’t worry, you can continue to take orders on the POS. Poster is a cloud-based system that allows you to keep working even if the internet is down.

Become mobile

During rush hour, your waiters can take their tablet from the counter, and go from table to table taking orders. And now, Poster also offers you POS terminals for your smartphone. All the mobility you need, all in one system.

Adapt to your customers

With Poster you get access to the POS functions you need to keep your customers happy. Split the bill, choose multiple payment options, and much more.

3. Get access to more modern tools

While companies like Utak only offer you the most basic set of tools, Poster offers a wide range of integrations and subscription plans that can help you take your business to the next level. You choose whatever you need.

Monitor your sales wherever you are

With all of our plans you get access to Poster Boss, our app for owners and managers that allows you to monitor sales, cash shifts and inventory levels directly on your smartphone.

Integrated delivery and courier app

Launch a full delivery service with Poster! You can process all of your delivery orders in the POS, work with Poster Courier, our app for delivery drivers, and see all of your delivery reports in the management console.

Automate your kitchen with Kitchen Kit

Automate your kitchen
Automate your kitchen

If you’re looking to get rid of your ticket printers in your kitchen, Kitchen Kit is the right tool for you. Save even more money on hardware and simplify operations in your restaurant.

Automate your kitchen
Automate your kitchen

Is Poster better than Utak?

We listen to you, and we change for the better

Poster reviews

You can see for yourself what our customers say on review sites like Capterra. We always listen to our customers, and work hard to develop the features they need the most. Our delivery management system, our inventory management, and our mobile POS were all developed thanks to valuable insights from our customers.

Poster reviews

Judge for yourself

Poster offers you an intuitive interface with all of the tools you need to take your business to the next level. With our modern design, and broad selection of restaurant management tools, we're working hard to satisfy all of your business needs.

Poster POS
Utak POS
device: "ipad"
Poster POS

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4. Poster is easy to use

You don’t need to take part in workshops and courses to learn how to use Poster. Poster is designed to be user-friendly and easy to teach, so that your staff can start working as soon as possible!

Which program can your employees learn faster?

Take orders quickly
Take orders quickly

Tired of reading page after page of instruction manuals? You don’t want to waste time on lengthy training sessions? Your employees can start working with Poster after watching a 5 minute video.

Take orders quickly
Take orders quickly

5. The best customer service in the game

Poster Support

We offer you customer service at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world! We don’t believe in having to pay extra for premium customer service and that’s why you can trust our customer service agents to always find a solution to your problems. From the day you sign up, you will be assigned a personal manager to help you work with Poster, and to to help you grow your business! Discover Poster, the best alternative to Utak. The first 15 days are free.

Poster Support

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