Integration with Kaspi

Integration with Kaspi

Automatic transfer of the check amount to Kaspi

Transfer payments from the Poster cash register to the Kaspi banking terminal automatically

Integration will save you from manually entering the amount payable on a check, eliminate errors in the work of employees and significantly save time when serving guests

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About Integration with Kaspi

Integration for Poster clients from Kazakhstan, which allows you to set up automatic transfer of the amount payable by check to the Kaspi banking terminal.

Thanks to the integration, your employees will no longer need to manually enter the amount to be paid and wait until the payment is successful. Now, when you select the “Card” payment type, your employee presses the “Pay” button and the amount to be paid by check on the Kaspi Bank banking terminal will automatically light up. Simplify your life and save time when serving your guests!


  • • Saves time by not having to manually enter the amount
  • • Eliminates errors, since employees will not make mistakes when entering the amount
  • • Eliminates fraud when payment fails due to lack of money on the card, and the employee did not notice it
  • • Get rid of confusion when a check was closed as “Cash”, but in reality the payment was made by “Card”

What devices are supported?

  • 1. Smart POS
  • 2. Aisino A80
  • 3. Aisino A90
  • 4. Aisino ASD18


  • 1. Will the integration work when using the Kaspi banking terminal via a SIM card? - no, the integration only works when Kaspi is connected via Wi-Fi to the same network as your Poster cash register
  • 2. How quickly can you connect the integration? - literally a couple of minutes by connecting Kaspi to a Wi-Fi network and searching in Poster
  • 3. Is integration paid? - yes, we have set a symbolic fee of 600 tenge per month for an account for integration, regardless of the number of establishments in the account, solely for the purpose of covering the costs of supporting integration
  • 4. Who should I contact in case of problems or questions? - fill out the form below and we will advise you on everything from Poster or help you resolve the issue with Kaspi support via GuideChat
  • 5. My terminal showed the error “Payments are blocked”, what should I do? - please fill out the form and we will contact you for assistance

Application price: 600 tenge/month.

Technical support: fill out the form and we will contact you

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