Interview with Katrina C. Resurrecion

President of Pizzafy Food Corporation

Discover the story behind PIZZAFY and how Katrina went from running a small business to managing a store, a commissary and four franchised locations!

What’s the story behind PIZZAFY?

After moving back to the Philippines from Singapore in 2016 to establish our own construction firm, I also started a small food business in my hometown. It was originally named as TeaRex Burger & Milk Tea, serving only burgers, rice meals, frappe and milk tea. In 2017, the pizza line was added to the menu, and it did not disappoint as it turned out to be one of the best-selling selections. Since we want to introduce the complete brand and be known nationwide, we decided to rebrand and change our name to PIZZAFY.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you run your business?

Currently, we have our store, our commissary and four franchised locations. Recently, we decided to separate our POS system for the store and the commissary for better inventory management and to better monitor our transactions.

What’s your favorite dish that you serve to your customers?

Well, currently we have 18 different types of pizza, some of our best sellers at the moment are Hawaiian, Chef’s Choice, and Spinach Delight, which also happens to be my favorite.

Have you worked with any other POS systems? Did you encounter any issues?

I never settled on any other POS system, but before finding Poster I did try out a few different systems available here in the Philippines. In the end, they all had shortcomings, either the prices were too high or they were missing an important feature that I needed for my business, so I ended up choosing Poster. A big feature that was missing from other systems was that if we just wanted to use a small portion of sauce for our pizzas, we had to configure it in a very roundabout way. With Poster it’s very easy to manage your ingredients.

Pizzafy Exterior Angle

Are there any changes you’re hoping to see in Poster?

Yes, we’re hoping to see split payments between pre-installed and user-created payment methods. We work with an online wallet called GCash and it would be really useful if we could split payments with this e-wallet. And of course, it would be great to have an integration with FoodPanda and GrabFood, two of the most popular delivery services in the Philippines.

And what’s your general experience been working with Poster?

It has been great working with Poster! The program is very detailed, user-friendly, and the support team is very fast and effective. Whenever I have a question, a member of Poster’s team always has a solution ready for me.

Are there any tools that you find particularly useful?

The modifiers in Poster are helping us a lot, they’re very useful for a pizza business. As you know, people often want to change a couple of ingredients in their pizzas and this tool really helps us speed up that process. The inventory features also have been useful to us. They’ve really helped to keep our inventory-keeping process under control.

Do your employees find it comfortable to work with Poster?

Yes, our employees said it was very easy to learn, it took them less than a day to get comfortable with Poster. We were offered to try out a different POS and my employees were already complaining that this other POS system was too complicated to use, and we just gave up.

Pizzafy Exterior

Do you have any plans to expand your business for this year?

Yes, of course, we’re planning to add more branches as soon as possible.

Will you recommend Poster POS to your friends in the restaurant business?

Of course, I always tell them how convenient Poster is, I even recommend it to friends who have businesses in other sectors besides the food service industry.

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