How to edit cash shifts indicators

If the cash shift indicators don’t match, you need to edit, delete or add new transactions in the management console.

To edit cash shift indicators:

  1. Open the tab FinancesCash shifts in the management console.

  2. Click the calendar icon at the upper right corner and choose accounting period.

  3. Open the cash shift to view transactions and shift indicators. To change them click:

— “+” — to add a new transaction to this cash shift;

— “Edit” — to change a transaction type, operation, time, sum or user;

— “×” — to delete a transaction.

☝️ Transactions that were added on the register are automatically assigned to the Cash Shift category.

To change the category, open the tab Finances → Cash shifts and click Edit next to the needed transaction and select a different category or subcategory.

If after cash shift closure there is a discrepancy between the book balance and the actual balance, Poster will automatically create a correction transaction.

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