How to work with takeout orders

How to work with takeout orders

If you wish to launch a new service without extra expenses, hiring more staff or adjusting logistics, you could offer takeout option to your guests. Your customers will order their favorite dishes, and you can control the pick-up time, cook orders on time, and track the number of takeout orders.

Takeout option is available in Mini, Business and Pro pricing plans.

Setting up takeout option

To enable takeout for your restaurant:

  1. Go to Settings → General in your management console.
  2. In Point of Sale settings next to Order types tick Takeout.
  3. Click Save.

Taking takeout orders

To take takeout orders on your POS register:

  1. Go to your Poster application and enter your PIN.
  2. In the top left corner tap New order and choose Takeout.
  3. Add products and dishes in the Receipt tab.
  4. Open the Takeout tab, mark pick-up date and time, check the customer's preferred payment method. It will give you time to be ready with change in advance if the customer pays cash.

    💡 You can work with all the three tabs (Receipt, Customer, Takeout) at the same time and in any order you like, which will give you a possibility to be flexible with your customers when taking orders.

  5. Tap < Orders in the top left corner of the register to go back to your order list.
  6. When the guest arrives at your restaurant to pick up and pay for their order, tap Proceed to payment and close the order.

💡 To keep track of disposable cutlery and packaging, add those to dishes. To do that, duplicate dishes you offer for takeout and add extra ingredients, like “Paper cup” or “Pizza box, 25cm”.

To control the number of takeout orders and their turnover, check your sales report in the management console.

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