Mobile app and website for delivery



Your brand is in your customers' pockets!

Customers will be able to order goods through the mobile application and website, and checks will come to you at the terminal. The program automatically synchronizes with Poster (categories, products, modifiers, discounts, customers, order history and much more). Choose the best solution!



Your brand is in your customers' pockets!

About E-app

E-app is your ready-made mobile application and website for rent, fully integrated with Poster, will have your personal branding (name, icon, colors, etc.). Development and launch in just 5 working days.

With E-app, you will increase trust in the brand, have constant communication with customers, various tools to increase the average check, orders and profit up to 30%. We fully customize the program as your business requires, using ready-made solution solution. Without unnecessary costs of time and money!

Leave an application, fill out the questionnaire and we will launch a website and application for your business.


  1. You pay a fixed monthly rate, not a percentage of the sale.
  2. Registration of customers in the application or on the website. After registration, the client receives his account, loyalty QR code, and his data are automatically entered into Poster.
  3. Customer loyalty QR - the customer will open the application, show his QR, by scanning the QR code, his bonuses will be credited or debited.
  4. Online payment in the application allows the client to choose a convenient payment method, using even ApplePay and GooglePay
  5. Push messages: with their help, you will be able to send the customer text messages, discount promo codes, promotions, thus stimulating repeat sales and attracting additional attention to your brand. For example, quickly sell a product with a discount, inform about a new menu or any news of your restaurant.
  6. Use modifiers and upsells as a tool to increase the average check and let the customer create their own dish from their favorite ingredients.
  7. Use zones for delivery with different conditions - you give us a map with zones marked on it and their conditions, and then using the Google API, the client chooses an address from the drop-down list, the application understands which zone he gets into and sets all the conditions automatically. It is also possible to configure that the new order arrives at the nearest point of the restaurant to the address indicated by the client.
  8. Connecting multiple poster accounts to the application - now you don't need to separate applications, work with all restaurants from one application and develop all your restaurants
  9. Integration with Novaya Poshta - the client chooses a settlement, all the branches of the new post office that are included in this n.p. are pulled up to him. An invoice is also generated automatically according to the order.
  10. Use promotional codes and discounts for the first order through the application - thereby increasing the frequency of orders in your establishment
  11. Monitor the analytics of the effectiveness of using the application and make timely changes to the operation of the restaurants (you will see which menu positions are bought the most, at what time, where the customer came from, etc.)
  12. Full integration with Poster - automatic loading of the menu and its changes into the application, all customers after registration are displayed in the Poster system, the order formed in the application or on the website will automatically appear among all orders in Poster. Modifiers and actions created in Poster are displayed in the application.


  1. Is there a test access? - Unfortunately, no, because we set up an individual application for each restaurant with their colors, style, etc. Integration is also being configured. It takes some time and therefore we cannot provide a test version before the start of cooperation.
  2. Are revisions possible? - E-app is a ready-made solution with customization for the restaurants. Therefore, we do not make individual revisions upon request. However, if you are missing something, let the manager know and we will analyze the possibility of adding it in the near future or for an additional fee.
  3. What is the development cost? - Application and website development is free.
  4. How long does it take to develop the application and the site? - On average, the application is ready in 3-5 days, taking into account publication in markets. But it can be longer, as it depends on the speed of publishing in the market and on whether everything is configured in the Poster system. On average, the site will be ready in 3-5 days.
  5. Do you need to pay extra for publishing in markets? - No, you don't need to, we will cover these expenses.
  6. Can I choose which features to add? - Yes, of course, you decide for yourself which function to add and which not to display.
  7. Is it possible to have several different brands in one app? - Yes, you can!
  8. What are the next steps? - Communication with the manager, discussion of your functional and design wishes, filling out the questionnaire, payment. Next, we form a group where we discuss all points and start development. All updates and technical support are available for the entire period of cooperation with our company.
  9. Who are your biggest customers? - We cooperate with more than 200 establishments on a permanent basis in 12 countries, the largest clients are Osama Sushi, Sushi Icons, the large MamaManana holding, Sushi master (Romania), etc.

Price: 0% on transactions: monthly payment from $75

Support: +380914810204

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