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Poster QR

QR Menu, Website for online orders

QR Menu by Poster

Customers can easily view your interactive menu by scanning a QR code or following a short link, directly in their mobile browser.

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About Poster QR

What is Poster QR?

Poster QR is an extra feature for Poster that creates a contactless QR Menu or an e-Commerce website for your business. Poster QR lets your customers use a QR code to see your menu, place orders or leave feedback online.

No development costs

Connect Poster QR to generate a contactless QR menu based on your menu in Poster. Save costs on developing massive websites while your cafe enjoys a complete website, QR menu, and even online orders.

Customize your QR menu

Customize it with your brand colors, add logo, or replace a default URL with your custom domain. You can create custom web pages for extra info as well!

Simple and user-friendly

Customers can browse your contactless menu and search for items without installing any apps. Poster QR is available on any browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Auto setup and support

QR Menu is updated automatically. Edit dish prices in the Poster management console, add seasonal offers, or hide items that are no longer available.

Easy upgrade to the e-Commerce website

Expand your services and turn your QR Menu into a comprehensive website with a shopping cart and online card payment. All submitted online orders will go directly to the Poster POS.

Only $7/mo – the first 15 days free

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