Google Maps Reservation

Google Maps Reservation

Direct Google and Hostme reservations

Hostme - Free reservations from Google or your website

Complete reservation management solution for restaurants. Includes reservation, waitlist, loyalty and marketing tools.

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About Google Maps Reservation

Hostme and Poster integration allows restaurant owners to optimize table turnover. Tables released in Poster become quickly available again through Hostme without the host or wait staff interactions. Hostme reservations can be shared with Poster to enable better planning and seating during every day shifts.

Hostme is a modern and comprehensive restaurant management solution built in close cooperation with restaurant owners. It offers all the tools managers need to efficiently run multiple locations. In a single app, you can supervise your table occupancy, review reservations for the day, monitor your waitlist, keep track of guest preferences and fairly assign servers to tables. And that’s not all, once the day is over, Hostme provides great analytics and reports to allow managers to measure, understand and take necessary actions to continuously improve your business.

Connecting your Poster account to Hostme

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