Poster Courier

Poster Courier

Delivery, logistics

Better order management for couriers

Assign a courier at the POS terminal. They will get a push notification so they can deliver the order on time. You will be able to see the exact time of delivery.

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About Poster Courier

Poster Courier is an application that will help you streamline your food delivery service. Orders from the POS terminal will be sent to the courier’s phone, and in the management console you can keep track of your courier’s performance and statistics for your delivery orders.


No need to call the courier 

The courier receives notifications about new orders and how close dishes are to being ready from the cashier and the cook. This helps the staff to work smoothly without additional phone calls.

Control your delivery speed

As soon as the order is delivered, the courier marks its completion in the application, and you know the exact delivery time. And in the Poster management console, you can find detailed reports for each courier.

No mistakes when making an order

At checkout, prompts will appear when entering the delivery address. The cashier will be able to place orders faster, and Poster will check if the street exists and check for house number on the map.

Get rid of printed tickets for your courier

The courier views order information in the application. There you can call the client in 1 click, check the status and amount of the order and the delivery time.

Easier to find an address 

The app will give directions to the delivery address in courier-friendly maps: Google, Waze, etc.

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