Geolocation of the courier and sending orders to Telegram

Courier Bot

Courier Bot

Geolocation of the courier and sending to Telegram

The operator sees on the map where the courier is by geolocation. Can automatically send a new order to him in Telegram and estimate how long the courier will be with the client

Courier Bot

Courier Bot

Geolocation of the courier and sending to Telegram

About Courier Bot

Courier Bot is an app that allows you to send orders from the Poster checkout to a courier in Telegram with all the order data, and also allows you to track the geo-position of the courier on a map.

Benefits Courier Bot:

  1. Operator sees where all couriers are with geo-position tracking
  2. Now it is not necessary to print a check for the courier, all order information is sent as a message in Telegram
  3. The courier does not have to enter the customer's address into the navigator before the trip, it is enough to click on the address in the order in Telegram for the navigator to build the route.
  4. The courier does not need to write down the client's number from a piece of paper, it is enough to click on the number in the order in Telegram and make a call to the client.
  5. No need to call/text the courier and inform about a new order
  6. You can see the location of the courier
  7. Operator can see in how much time the order will be delivered
  8. Courier does not need to download additional applications on the phone, just have Telegram.


1.Can I test the bot? - Yes, you can use the bot for free for 7 days.

2.Do I have to pay separately for each courier? - No, you only pay for the establishments connected to the bot.

3.What if the courier does not receive checks in Telegram? - If suddenly the checks are not received by the courier, please do according to the instructions below:

- Connect the app in the Poster app store and allow access

- Ask the courier to go to Telegram and find the @poster_check_bot there.

- The courier presses the /start button in the bot and sees the ID numbers, which he sends to you.

- You go to the Access -> Employees tab in the Poster admin panel and click the "Add" button on the top right. You enter the name of the courier. Select the position "Courier"

- In the "Email" field, enter the courier's ID up to the @ sign. For example, you have received ID in the form of 123456789. Then in the "Email" field you need to write [email protected].

Now you can send orders from the Poster checkout to the courier in Telegram. To do this, in the delivery receipt, choose a courier from the list and click "Ship". The check will be sent to the courier in Telegram with all the data from it.

If after all the settings still does not work, then please contact support.

4.How to see where the courier is now? - To track the geoposition of the courier, open the sales terminal Poster, then click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner, then in the Applications section select and click on "Check Bot".

The Operator Panel will open in front of you. Here you can see all orders with status "In transit" and a map.

Couriers will be displayed on the map. To do this, click the "Request Geolocation" button under the check you are interested in. The courier will receive a message in Telegram that the operator has requested geolocation. In response, the courier should send a Broadcast Geoposition. You can broadcast the geoposition for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. We advise you to turn on the broadcast for 8 hours at once.

This procedure is carried out once. Then you will immediately see the couriers on the map.

Price: from 600грн/month

Support: +38 067 57 59 735; 

Telegram: @CheckBotSupport

If you are interested in an alternative option for notifying couriers about a new order, you can also consider the mobile application for couriers - Poster Courier

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