Hey Waiter!

Hey Waiter!

QR code for menu and waiter call

Easy and fast to integrate waiter call system

Allow guests to call waiters or ask for a bill by scanning a QR code.

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About Hey Waiter!

Hey Waiter is a system that allows guests to call waiters or ask for a bill by scanning a QR code. All you need is a QR code - print it out and place it on the table, all the guest has to do is scan it and press one of the buttons on the phone screen. When the guest presses the button to call the staff - the waiter receives a notification on a smartphone, tablet or any device with internet access.

Hey Waiter benefits:

  1. Customizable buttons: flexibly customize and add desired buttons such as "call waiter", "bill please", "more beer" or any other buttons.
  2. Customize button design: customize your colors and fonts.
  3. Hey Waiter online menu: allows you to scan a QR code and download a PDF file of your restaurant menu to your smartphone.
  4. Receive staff notifications on any device in Telegram or on a page in your browser.
  5. Assigning tables to waiters to optimize workflow.
  6. Keeping statistics on button usage.


  1. What do I need to get started? - Sign up, add tables and devices to receive notifications. Put QR codes on the tables.
  2. Do guests need the app? - No, QR code scanning is done with a standard camera on Android and iOS.
  3. How to receive notifications? - In Telegram or on a special page in your browser that can be opened on any device.
  4. How many tables can be connected? - As many tables as you like, the cost does not depend on the number of tables.
  5. How can I test the service? - We offer trial access for 1 week. During this time you can make sure that you really need it.

Price: 200 UAH/month.

Support: +380971780660

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