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Loyalty, marketing, website, chatbot

inCust will help you create your digital loyalty program and automate communication with customers in just a few clicks. You can easily change settings, add or remove functionality, depending on the needs of your business.



Loyalty, marketing, website, chatbot

About inCust

inCust: This is a complete set of tools that, in conjunction with Poster, allow you to create a unified system for servicing, attracting, and retaining guests. You no longer need to separately choose tools for digital cards, separately for chatbots or QR menus, separately for marketing or reviews. You can get all of this as a single, interconnected complex in which tools work as a unified whole.

Loyalty Module:

  • - You can set up almost any rules for rewarding regular customers. You can issue customers with bonuses, expirable bonuses, discounts, coupons, and certificates for meeting certain conditions.
  • - Complex processing can instantly move customers from one category to another.
  • - Issued bonuses can depend not only on the product and customer category but also on the amount of purchases over a period, time of purchase, amount of the bill, number of items purchased.
  • - Customizable redemption parameters (for example, no more than 30% of the bill).
  • - Congratulations and automatic issuance of gifts for birthdays (bonuses, expirable bonuses, or discount coupons).
  • - News and mailings to customers.
  • - Analytics.

Multi-level Marketing Module:

  • - You can turn bloggers and the customers themselves into your ambassadors. They will recommend your establishment and form their own network for earning.
  • - You set yourself what reward (percentage of the bill or a fixed amount) is paid from the bill through the network of recommenders at each level.
  • - Payments at each level can depend on the number of invited friends.
  • - The referral system can work simply in messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp), as well as in the mobile application and even by email.
  • - Instant notification through the network about earnings and a personal account.

Guest Attraction and Marketing Module:

  • - You can issue special digital coupons. These coupons can be used to convert customers from delivery services to direct orders from your company. Or for marketing in social media.
  • - Coupons can provide a discount (also conditions can be set, for example, when purchasing from three positions).
  • - Certificates will allow you to "gift" a small number of bonuses to attract customers.
  • - Gift certificates will allow you to offer a great gift to loved ones and friends.
  • - Referral coupons will enable you to spread coupons by the customers themselves.
  • - "External" coupons will allow you to automatically exchange guest bonuses for a gift from an external network (a certificate for a game, a gift in a fitness center).
  • - "Cross-business" coupons will allow you to organize cross-marketing with your partners. For example, check into a hotel - get a digital coupon in the restaurant.
  • - Communication and Communications Module:
  • - Whoever owns the communication channels collects the database and manages their communications with guests.

Choose the most convenient way of communicating and identifying customers yourself:

  • - Your own personal chatbot. The customer scans the code and enters your chatbot. At the checkout, shows the QR code from the chatbot, or dictates a temporary code for one transaction.
  • - The customer's inCust mobile app or your own personalized mobile app.
  • - Digital Apple card: pkpass.
  • - By phone number. The customer can dictate their number at the checkout. Unlike the built-in loyalty program in Poster, we authorize the purchase by phone call or SMS.
  • - By email.

Sales Module:

  • - Your own delivery and pick-up service.
  • - Table service via QR code.
  • - Service on your website or in the chatbot.
  • - Various methods of payment for goods in-store or via a link.
  • - Integration with LiqPay, Stripe, Fondy, Tpay, Orange, and other partners for money reception.
  • - Subscription and prepayment module. Refund to card.
  • - Corporate purchases module. You can make deals with companies, and they can provide access to their account for payments, such as for lunch.
  • - AI can recommend or communicate with your guests.

Feedback Module:

  • - You can print a QR code for guests to leave feedback. On the table or in the restroom, for example.
  • - We can automatically send a request to rate the service quality after a visit via chatbot, mobile application, SMS, or email.
  • - You can print a QR code on the pre-receipt with an invitation to leave feedback.

Advantages Over Competitors:

  1. Works as a unified complex.
  2. The ability to implement almost all needs within a single product.
  3. You can solve a specific small task and add tools as you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You have many tools. I'm confused. What to do? - Contact us. Tell us about the format of your establishments, what problems there are, and what tasks - we will advise. This is free!
  2. Can I test your service? - Yes, you can use the system for 15 days for free. On the website, in the Knowledge Base, there are video tutorials and a large number of instructions and documentations.
  3. Why do I need your loyalty program if Poster already has bonuses? - There are several main reasons: Verification of the customer at the time of purchase will remove the issue of theft and staff fraud, bonuses can be expirable, complex rules for accruing bonuses, for example, depending on the amount of payments your guest has made for previous orders, integration of sales tools.
  4. I want to place a customer's wallet with bonuses and coupons in my customer's account. How do I do that? - There is a free API on the website that will allow you to do this.
  5. I didn't find a payment provider from my country in the list of payment providers. What to do? - Contact us. We will try to consider the issue of free integration with popular services in your country.
  6. I want to create a coalition program, is it possible? - Yes. In your inCust account, you can start several brands. Set your own loyalty rules and restrictions for each brand. At the same time, the bonuses will be common.
  7. In the free inCust app, I can place my company. But there are also my competitors! Do competitors have access to mailings to my customers? - No. And this is sacred :-) Only you have access to your customer base. The common application will simply convince the customer to install the app and see different wallets from different businesses in one place. This is a marketplace with the possibility of free push messages about transactions in the app.
  8. I have my own chatbot and application. Can I integrate your loyalty program into them? - Yes. Our free API will allow you to do that.

Price: from 300 UAH/month.

Support: [email protected]

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