Stock notifications

Stock notifications

Point of sale inventory notifications

Now you can receive notifications in your POS whenever you're running low on stock for any product!

A simple and powerful app to improve on Poster's functions. Simply activate the feature in your management console in order to start receiving notifications. You can also hide products and categories if you're not going to be stocking them for some time!

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About Stock notifications

Stock Notification - Poster POS app that lets you enable stock notifications or completely hide items that are currently out of stock. It is easily configured in the Poster admin panel and works on all connected cash registers in the establishment.


  1. It is not necessary to give employees access to the admin panel and edit the composition
  2. Notification on the terminal if the product is out of stock, or automatically hide it for sale.


  1. Can I test the app? - Yes, the test period is 7 days.
  2. Will those cards for which there are not enough ingredients be hidden? - No. The app can only hide individual ingredients or show a message that they are out of stock.
  3. Can I see the produced semi-finished products at the checkout? - No, the application does not show the balance of manufactured semi-finished products, only goods and individual ingredients.

Price: from UAH 30/month.

Support: @inDevSupportBot

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